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We offer an outstanding Each Way Service which has an unrivaled win strike rate of 58% and place strike rate of 84%. With such a steady flow of winning bets, there is simply no way of losing money.

2013 Results

Jan +9.55 points

Feb +17.40 points

Mar -2.26 points

Apr -3.92 points

May -0.55 points

Jun +24.07 points

Jul +16.46 points

Aug +14.62 points

Total +75.36 points

How do we select the horses to bet on?

The selection method which has been in use for over 6 years is proven to be profitable as well as consistent.

When we started using this selection method we averaged a 73.5% place SR which is considered to be quite high, but we felt that it was still possible to increase our strike rate further.

We studied our past results and decided to tweak the selection method just slightly. This tiny change has made a world of difference to our strike rate because it is now at a whopping 84%.

Surely anybody can make money with such a high winning percentage.

This is how we can help you make more money from Horse Racing.

You can now leverage on us to help you make money from horse racing. We will send you all our daily selections in exchange for a small monthly subscription fee.

Limited Spaces Available.

Due to the lower liquidity of the Place Market, we are only allowed to accept a limited number of subscribers as we really need to protect the prices of the horses that we are betting on since we personally back each selection that we select.

Don't miss this opportunity to finally be a winning punter.

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